Hair Falling


Hair fall is a problem that can be due to a lot of factors, most common are: hereditary, hormonal, or local cause in the scalp..

Treatment consists of:

Oral Treatment

Topical treatment

Mesotherapy for hair to rejuvenate and promote follicule ( by specific material that is chosen by our specialists according to each case).
It can be done on multiple sessions under local anesthesia that makes the procedure painless.


We treat in our center ALOPECIA AREATA either by mesotherapy or by hair implantation with successful results.

Same treatment can be done for burns or scars.

Breast Augmentation

Without surgery by specifec midecal treatment (newest treatment from England), without any hormons or any side effects as it is from natural herbs.

Whitening of the skin

By glutathione (that can be injected intramuscular, subcutaneous, by mesotherapy, by locql cqpsules, lotions, or special soap made in USA for our clinic).

Treatment of all Dermatology Disease

Such as seborrheic dermatitis

  • Vitelligo
  • Psoriasis
  • Bacterial, fungal, or viral infections.


Why Choose Us

  • We are the most qualified center for Face Aesthetic medicine and Hair treatment and Hair implantation
  • We are the pioneer in Middle East region for hair implantation because: hair implantation or transplantation is done one by one.
  • We are the only official agent for Biofiber (the only certified medical artificial hair).
  • We give follow up and guarantee for patient for the whole life.
  • Excellent specialized doctors in plastic surgery and nutrition.
  • Honest and efficient techniques to have the best results for patients.

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