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Biofiber in Dubai and Hair implantation Dubai


Biofiber in Dubai and Hair implantation Dubai

Dr.Sherine Shaker Center for Biofiber in Dubai and Hair implantation Dubai

It is the most qualified center for biofiber in Dubai and hair implantation Dubai

Hair implantation Dubai,Emirates :

By certified Biofiber in Dubai under local anesthesia.


Hair implantation Egypt


The balding diseases that affect men frequently, which is a loss of graded hair, and some studies suggest that the causative agent of baldness is excretion excess of male hormone "testosterone" or as accurate sensitivity hair roots excessive DDT DHT within the organization secretions testosterone, and this typeof hair loss always be genetically inherited hypersensitivity against the DHT from fathers to sons.

And increase the likelihood of hair loss or baldness in people whenever increasing in age, and vary the proportion of hair loss from person to person depending on genes motivating him, and there is another type of hair loss usually occurs in patients with cancer because of exposure to radiation during treatment and this type is quite different from the first type.


Hair Transplantation and Implantation


Hair Transplantation and Hair ImplantationAs baldness is becoming a great problem in our days due to many factors (hereditary, hormonal, vuscular… etc) and loss of hair has become a major problem for men and women in our society in all ages…

We were the 1st pioneer in our region in introducing the solution by making hair surgery which can be done by 2 methods:


Why Choose Us

  • We are the most qualified center for Face Aesthetic medicine and Hair treatment and Hair implantation
  • We are the pioneer in Middle East region for hair implantation because: hair implantation or transplantation is done one by one.
  • We are the only official agent for Biofiber (the only certified medical artificial hair).
  • We give follow up and guarantee for patient for the whole life.
  • Excellent specialized doctors in plastic surgery and nutrition.
  • Honest and efficient techniques to have the best results for patients.

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